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Katherine Allen, (39 Brooklyn Road Coventry,UK)
Email: captain.katherine@googlemail.com

What an amazing 2 months probably some of the best of my life! I have so much to thank you for introducing me to two families I will be friends with for life, helping me to gain incredibly valuable experience in the field of nursing in a developing country, and welcoming me so warmly to your wonderful country! My stay has been much easier and more comfortable than I imagined ó largely because of your great guidance& support, so far this I
canít thank you enough!
I will be back one day, hopefully soon!
All the best further future, Keep up the good work. Love,

Dr. Melissa Everett (UK)
Email: melissaweverett@gmail.com

I had some time in between job and decided to visit Nepal for work and travel. I am a doctor and wanted to work in this setting. I found Future Nepal on the internet and their travel and volunteering program suited my needs and as well as my lack of time to organize anything my self.

I flew in to Kathmandu and was met by a friendly and helpful Bishnu at the airport who leant me money for my visa, as rather cash machine was working. I later met Durga and Sujan. My first few day involved some Nepali lession and sithtseen around the Kathmandu as well as some brifing on my placement and hoststay.

We then journeyed to Meghauli, which is a tharu village at Chitwan district. It was not on the tourist trail and saw few westerner. There were buffalo, goat, dog, chicken and duck galory, but few cars. I was introduce a friendly clinic staff and my new family. The next three weeks pass quickly, with seeing patients, day trip to hospitals, local beauty sport and places of interest. I came to love and respect my family who worked incredibly hard, I helped on the farm, learn to cook dahl, Bhat and to milk the buffalo was welcomed in the family and taken to a picnic and music program, gave and received tika was invited many peoples, houses and become known around the village for our morning walk. The clinic staff were friendly and helpful. The work itself was not particularly challenging, but language problem, patient's expection and usual medical practice was while there I also planed and run a first aid course for the scouts, climbed a tree to escape a rhino and experienced elephant both time.

The rest of the program was well plane by Sherpa trekking guide was always happy. The rafting was fun and set as add as i had feared, The lovely Durga joined in which was great. I am already planing my tour trip to see my family and do more trekking- Everest Base Camp here I come.

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Cameron Hawke-Smith (UK)

I chose to go to Nepal because I wanted to find a country as unlike Britain as I could. That I certainly achieved. I chose to volunteer because I wanted not to see the country as a tourist sees it, but to understand it as someone living and working there. The two placements were an outstanding opportunity to do just this. The first placement was very positive: I learnt how people live on almost nothing, coped with daily cuts in electricity, shortage of water, and political shutdowns, but always managed to stay calm and happy. The second placement gave me an entirely different set of insights. I had perhaps thought as a westerner that Buddhism had some of the answers to our global problems. I still think there is something in this, but I learnt also that even the most idealistic institutions have their shortcomings. We are all human.

Emily (USA)

Thank you so much for everything!!

I had a wonderful time in Nepal visiting Kathmandu, volunteering at Clinic Nepalin Meghauli- chitwan and trekking. I felt so welcome here, and o am greatful for all of your help organizing my forst visit to Nepal. I hope to return soon, and I hope to see you again!! You are such a warm, welcoming person. I wish you the best for the future. Thank you again!!

Ann Wong(Uk)

Now, I don't believe i've been in Nepal for 3 months. How time goes so rapidely that I don't feel ready to leave now since I've adjusted to the lifestyle and environment around me. I would just like say a huge thanks to Durga, Bishnu for accepting me as a volunteer to their organization. It's a shame I didn't know about your organization earlier, otherwise I would have liked to participate in many more projects you have an offer for good cause. I have enjoyed participating Sankhu Palibari farm and painting at 'Nil Ganga' School. Many thanks,

All my love, Ann

Nadia Zeaiter - (Australia)

My time in Nepal has come to an end and I feel so incredibly sad to be leaving a country that has welcomed me as once of its own. Nepal will always have a special place in my heart and I intend to follow the news of Nepal and hopefully if I am lucky I will come back.

I have incredible memories having lived with two beautiful Nepali families, dealing with the staff at the NGO (Future Nepal), of course trekking, rafting and kayaking. I have never met people generous with spirit, full of positively and a culture that is so rich. I have had the pleasure of now having seen and participated in festivals of Dashain , Tihar and many more.

I look forward to returning but in the meantime I will sorely miss Nepal very much.

Alex Kowalska (Poland)

Words cannot express what I feel! You have changed my Life ! I am coming back to Europ. Don't really know what i am going to do there. My future is open But I know one things i am leaving Nepal much happer, richer in beautiful experirnce. I am so greatful for you for all the thinks you showed me & for the big heart for your smile. Thank you Durga and Bishnu. I will Never forget you, your family & Nepal.

Milena (Swis)

Thank you sooo much for the wonderful time I had here in Nepal ! It was amazing ! I met so many people, I saw so many places and I learned so much in this 4 month ! It was so nice to be here and volunteering in this beautiful country was one of the best experiences I had in my life. Thank you so much! I wish you and your family all the best. Milena

Cristina Valdivia (USA)


I had such an amazing time here in Nepal. I will miss it very much but most of all I will miss you, your family and my host family. Thank you for being so wonderful to me you were always there when I needed advice or help and deeply appreciate that. If you ever need anything at all please never hesitate to contactg me. I will miss you and this beautiful country. Take care my lovely and beautiful friend. Love Cristina

Carol Wen Szeto (USA)

It is hard to believe how fast 5 weeks just flies by. I wish I had more time to really make a difference in this needy country. But it was a new and meaningful experience regardless. Nepal is a small country with so much packed in it. There are friendly people to be met, beautiful natural sceneries to meditate on, and a diverse culture to be explored. There are so much to do in so little time, and Future Nepal definitely made everything a lot easier for me, I enjoyed meeting people who share the same aspiration and look forward to another journey back!

All the best


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